PRE-ORDER – The Owl Factor: Reframing your Teaching Philosophy (Kindle)

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The Owl Factor brings together lessons from fables, philosophy, and science to help teachers and teacher trainers rethink their beliefs and practice. It revolves around the recently developed KNOW-SHOW-GROW approach and it is based on the idea of RESOURCE. If you teach, this book is certainly for you

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This book is about teaching and teacher education. It’s about the wisdom I’ve acquired throughout the years of working with English Language Teaching (ELT) both in the classroom and in management, as well as when I’ve trained and mentored teachers. But it goes beyond that.  It’s based on my love for knowledge and my tendency – biased or not – to hold cognitive sciences in a privileged position when talking about education and learning in general, not just ELT. It’s also about a new philosophy, in a way. I followed my intuition and used the Socratic method on myself in 2015 and the outcome was what I now consider to be the foundation of any teaching and learning experience, be it in the classroom where teachers teach their students or in a teacher training course where teachers learn from a trainer. I call it the KNOW-SHOW-GROW approach and it’s the basis for The Owl Factor philosophy, as you’ll soon find out.


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