Learning Cosmos Online Course

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The Learning Cosmos is a new conceptual framework that looks at how students learn through the influence of different spheres in a way that resembles the universe. This course analyzes each sphere of influence: cognitive, emotional, attitudes & beliefs, motivational, learning design, and environmental

Learning Cosmos

  • Origins and Inspiration
  • The Spheres
  • Microcosm
  • SELF
The Planetary Level 1

  • Cognitive sphere
  • Attention, Engagement
  • Feedback Consolidation
  • Emotional sphere
  • Constructed Emotions
The Planetary Level 2

  • Attitudes and Beliefs sphere
  • Self-efficacy, metacognition
  • Motivational sphere
  • Intrinsic motivation
Learning Design and Environment

  • Flexible Learning Environment
  • Active Learning
  • Syllabus 
  • Curriculum


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