Language Acquisition Online Course (2023)

R$ 200,00

This course explores the concepts of language acquisition VS language learning, critical periods, language & thought, as well as bilingualism. We’ll look at Language Evolution, Language & Thought, Second Language Acquisition & Critical Periods, Bilingualism: Myths & Facts

Language and Cognition

  • What’s cognition?
  • Intelligence and Language
  • Thought and Language
  • Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Language Evolution

  • What’s Language?
  • Animals and Language
  • First Person to Speak
  • Grammar
  • Play, Stories, and Arts
Acquisition or Learning?

  • Is There a Difference?
  • Critical Period Hypothesis
  • Feral Children
  • Early VS Late Bilinguals
Bilingualism: myths and facts

  • Won’t it Confuse Kids?
  • Are there Delays?
  • How Long does it Take?
  • The Case of Mary Hobson