Courses and Masterclass


Receive the link to watch this amazing MASTERCLASS with important tips on classroom strategies based on the Science of Learning. We'll talk about some of the best classroom strategies based on the Science of Learning suggested by 5 authors, a lot of research, and years of teaching experience. This is part of the dissertation I am writing at the University of Bristol. Things you will learn about (hopefully): -attention, memory; -emotions, mindsets, motivation; -methods, assessment;


Teacher’s Essential Toolkit Online Course

Collection of training sessions, lectures, workshops, and reflections turned into a 10h-course for you, English Teacher! Module I - THE WHY discusses the role of English in the world. The second module focuses on THE WHO. It helps us reflect on the roles of the teacher and the learner throughout History. Module III is all about THE WHAT with a comprehensive list of resources and some suggestions on how the myth of using technology for the sake of technology might be rather negative if the goal is effective teaching. The last module is about THE HOW. It will take the participants through my lesson planning routine and give some tips based on theory, my experience and that of colleagues’, and Cognitive Neuroscience insights that might be useful!


Neuroscience and Learning Online Course

Latest cognitive neuroscience, cognitive and social psychology, and pedagogy research available to make learning more effective. In this 10h online course, you’ll learn: -Basic principles of neuroanatomy; -Attention and memory; -Brain reward system; -Language processing in the brain; -Critical and sensitive period; -Cognitive benefits of bilingualism; -Special education: ADHD and dyslexia; -Mind, Brain, and Education science and neuromyths; -Practical tips and strategies based on brain and mind research; You can do it asynchronously and you’ll get a certificate from Partners of the Americas Goiás!


Active Learning and PBL Online Course

A journey through the Ancient Greek world, into the medieval and contemporary eras until the modern approaches and methods of the 20th and 21st centuries. In this 10h online course, you'll learn: -Ancient Greek philosophy and the Socratic method; -Inquiry-based learning and critical pedagogy; -Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf; -Problem-based learning, Team-based learning; -Flipped classroom and Project-based learning; -My experience with PBL and a possible framework; -Future of education, trends and reflection; You can't miss it! Participants get a certificate from Partners of the Americas Goiás


Psychology and Learning Online Course

The origins of Psychology and its branches; Psychodynamics; - Cognitivism; - Behaviorism; - Socioconstructivism; -Humanism; -Self-concept; -Self-efficacy theory; -Emotions and affective teaching; -Fixed and growth mindsets; - Intergroup Bias; - Social Influence; - Interventions


Critical Thinking in the Post-Truth Era Online Course

In times of fake news and social media, how can teachers promote critical thinking in the classroom? This course discusses the science of our biases and social media addiction, and how to develop critical thinking in our students


Bilingualism: Languange and Cognition Online Course – 2 payments of USD100

This is a brand-new course developed by three specialists for language teachers that seek preparation for bilingual educational programmes. Participants will have classes about bilingualism under the studies of Neuroscience, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Psycholinguistics where each completes the other so that educators have a full understanding of L2 acquisition process and learning. In this course, participants will also develop projects for their bilingual programmes.