André Hedlund

André Hedlund is a Chevening Alumnus - MSc in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol, an Educational Consultant, Speaker, and Guest Lecturer on Bilingualism and Cognition in Postgraduate courses. He is also a member of BRAZ-TESOL’s Mind, Brain, and Education SIG and Academic Director for EdYOUFest. He's the author of The Owl Factor: Reframing your Teaching Philosophy, and he blogs at

An Invitation to Individualism in the Tech Era: What comes next?

“What I witnessed as a mentor was fatigue, mental exhaustion, hopelessness, lack of support, working overtime like never before, apprehension, and frustration. Many teachers fell back on what was safe and simpler. They made slides and lectured. Some simply gave up asking questions as many students would either be absent or not say a word and that became a habit. Suddenly, shared spaces disappeared and became tiny individual squares on a screen. Each person in their own bubble, in their separate world.”