I started working as a trainer for LanguagEd in 2022. My first mission was to help prepare Italian teachers for the concorso. After a successful partnership, I took on different roles, including social media, and course designer. I’m particularly proud of having delivered the first edition of Speak Better, Teach Better, a synchronous language development course for teachers. I’ve also designed and recorded an asynchronous course on Educational Psychology.


Since April 2022, I’ve been appointed Academic Director of EdYOUfest, an educational festival for English teachers around the world. I have been directly involved with the planning and execution of the two latest editions of this conference in Trapani, Sicily 2022 and Athens, 2023. I’ve also worked with EdYOUPodcast and EdYOUMagazine.

EdYOUfest Espresso, Webinars, and Marathon

The Learning Blueprint Brazil

I am assisting Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath with his project The Learning Blueprint to make it available in Brazilian schools. I am in charge of translating the video classes and contacting prospects.

Lingo+ Multilingualism Program for Teachers

I was one of the tutors of this program accomplished through Amolingua’s partnership with institutions from Portugal, Italy, Hungary, the UK, and Turkey. My modules dealt with the evolution of language, bilingual education, the bilingual brain, and cognitive benefits of bilingualism.


Innovative project-based learning program between Brazilian and Mexican students. I was in charge of materials design, mainly integrating the ACT GAC textbook contents into the PBL curriculum, and teacher training. Students had to work on a project that involved different areas and NGOs acting in both countries.

Learning Cosmos

I have recently developed a conceptual framework called Learning Cosmos, which attempts to summarize evidence-based principles into spheres of influence in the learner’s universe. It was inspired by the different levels of analysis we use to observe the universe. It was published in New Routes magazine and I have started propagating the idea that I believe that make a difference in educational settings around the world. I have developed a training/development program based on the Learning Cosmos and started helping teachers from different countries.

Cheveners for Education Initiative 2019

I am part of the global network of Chevening Alumni. In July 2019, when I realized most of the cohort who came to the United Kingdom last year would be soon back in their countries, I decided to launch a global initiative to discuss education, teacher training, policy and more. With our expertise and network, we are more than capable of using education as Nelson Mandela had intended: a powerful weapon to change the world.


To become a powerful local and global force for social change through a network of education leaders


To promote good quality education by sharing resources and best practices, connecting people and realities, and empowering teachers, students, and schools

Neuroscience and Learning Documentary Course 2019

My most exciting project at the moment is shooting my mini-documentary course in different countries to share with teachers all over the world. I film on location, where great scientists and educators have worked and made a major contribution to the study of neuroscience.

What Works Goiânia 2019

Created by members of the Colorado Chapter, the What Works Conference is a space in which Partners of the Americas members can share actions, ideas, and projects undertaken by their committees, giving chance for new ideas, contacts, and actions. In their earlier versions, the conferences focused on showing successful projects and how the network could work together.

For the very first time, because of our chapter’s persistence, Brazil is going to host the event in the city of Goiânia and we’re proudly in charge of it. The theme of our event is The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Check out the website here.


EMPOWER ABC project 2019

A program with a comprehensive method of effective teaching and learning backed by research. The Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science has brought to us, educators, essential knowledge about neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education, which can inform us how to better design curricula, plan lessons, and deliver content in a more “brain-friendly” way. If we could promote what MBE already knows and implement a program based on MBE in public schools in Brazil, we could close the achievement gap between private and public schools in the country.

One Pomodoro with André Hedlund 2019-2020

In this series of interviews with teachers, I ask about their journey to inspire other teachers around the world. The trick is: I need to interview them in one pomodoro, that is, under 25 minutes + 5 minutes (that would be the break according to the Pomodoro technique). Watch it here.

Chá Pedagógico with Mattiello Consultoria 2019-present

In this monthly Instagram show (live), my buddy Rodolfo Mattiello and I join forces to discuss relevant issues in education from the perspectives of Applied Linguistics and Neuroscience.

And we drink tea 🙂 Watch it here.

Teacher Development Courses 2017-present

With POA-GO, I have taught different courses on Neuroscience and Active Learning Methods in different cities. I have always wanted teachers from a tough background to join and multiply what they have learned from me so I decided to give away full scholarships to public school teachers.

Goiás Sem Fronteiras Prep Course 2017

With Partners of the Americas Goiás (POA-GO), the NGO I am the president of, in association with the state government of Goiás, we provided 300 public high school students with English classes for specific purposes before they embarked on a short one-month exchange program in the USA with the New Jersey City University. I was in charge of designing the course and hiring the teachers with my POA-GO colleagues. We worked once again with PBL and developed important competencies with the students such as leadership, public speaking and presentation skills, strategic planning and more.

BRAZ-TESOL Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group (MBE SIG) 2017-present

With the great Mirela Ramacciotti as our leader, in 2017, the Brazilian TESOL committee launched the Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group. Our mission is to debunk the neuromyths out there through our social media, events, and talks, as well as honor our nickname: The Avengers! Follow @bratesolmbesig on Instagram

National Geographic Learning Conferences 2017

I delivered my all-time popular session Neuroscience and Learning in three different cities in Brazil with wonderful speakers. In Belo Horizonte with teacher trainer Claire Venables, in Fortaleza with author Katherine Stannett, and in Recife with TED Fellow Aziz Abu Sarah and Educational Teacher Manager and author Catarina Pontes

Immersion Course at UniEvangélica 2017

In 2017, I was in charge of designing and coordinating a one-month 60-hour course for 80 students distributed in four different levels. We worked for the very first time with Project-based Learning. The students chose to present a travel website, a Facebook page for senior citizens and healthcare, an art exhibition with music, and a magazine about technology.

Mr. Trunk travels 2016-present

Mr. Trunk is my travel buddy. He also happens to be a stuffed elephant but he doesn’t seem to care about that. He started as a project with my students and became something else. His next adventure will be to visit as many countries and schools as he can. Read about his story here.

Teacher-in-Residence program 2016

I traveled to Laramie, Wyoming with a micro-scholarship from Partners of the Americas (POA). The purpose was the program was professional development. I used the time to volunteer, connect with partners, and interview teachers to multiply best practices back in Brazil.

Partners of the Americas Goiás 2015-2021

I started as a member, became the first secretary and traveled to Wyoming to transform the relationship we had with our sibling-state. When I returned, I worked closely with the president and went to the symposium in Guadalajara, Mexico to let them know our chapter in Goiás would become a symbol of transformation. I was the president (2018-2020) and we have reached for the stars with an amazing group. Check out some of the projects below.


Makerspace CCBEU Goiânia 2015

I became library coordinator at a binational center in Goiânia (CCBEU-GO). Together with some peers, we joined the Maker Movement and completely transformed our library. I was in charge of creating, implementing and overseeing the project.

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