A New Era for EDCrocks

This post marks the beginning of a journey – I mean, officially. I’ve been thinking about this move for some time and I was preparing myself for a smooth transition. I sort of knew this was coming but I was always involved in other projects or busy at work. I realized back in June that I couldn’t do it all and still work on some personal professional projects. That’s why I’m leaving my job at Edify Education, a place that taught me so much I can never be grateful enough, and I’m finally focusing my efforts on the three things I love: writing, teaching, and teacher training.

This blog post isn’t meant to be long. I just thought I’d tell you very quickly why I’m doing this and what you can expect from EDCrocks from now on. I noticed that I had written nearly 100 blog posts so far about all sorts of topics and felt that I could do that more often and make a living out of it. You may have noticed that I’ve changed my website to include more than simply a blog. Now EDCrocks is a professional development hub for anyone interested in learning new things and connecting with me and my network.

Right now I’m proud to say that I’ll be offering mentoring sessions to those looking for a career change or simply to reflect on a few things about where they want to go next:

I’m also offering online courses. I’m starting with synchronous courses to get feedback on them and then I’ll upload pre-recorded courses to an integrated Learning Management System. You’ll be able to combine them as you like:

The most exciting news is that I’m writing two books at the moment. I’m almost finished with one and the next will take me at least all of 2022 to complete – this one will be about my Learning Cosmos Conceptual Framework. The one that’s coming out in a few weeks is available for pre-orders and I think you’ll love it.

So that’s it. I hope you agree with me that this is the right move for my career. I wanted to thank you all for making my blog so popular and allowing me to take this important step. That tells me you enjoy my work and that I won’t regret my decision. I would also like to ask you a favor. If you truly appreciate what I do and think teachers, teacher trainers, and other education professionals can find value here, please help me spread the word. I’d be really grateful if you could let the world know that EDCrocks has begun a new era and that everyone is invited to check out what I can do for them.

From now on, my mission will be be to help you expand your Learning Cosmos

Thank you and stay tuned! More is coming…

Spoiler Alert: More podcast episodes, a YouTube channel, a newsletter, interviews, materials, lesson plans, etc.

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