Teacher’s Month Gift: CPD through video

We’re still celebrating our profession worldwide and I thought I should give you folks a present. I thought really hard what this present could be and I came up with the following idea:

A compilation of some of my videos (workshops, lectures, and interviews) so that you can work on your CPD and perhaps even get inspired.

I talk about the science of Mind, Brain, and education and its basic principles
Engaging the Learner: A Mind, Brain, and Education Perspective. I go over some definitions of engagement, motivation, how the brain’s reward system works and things we can do to engage our students
I talk about how learning styles is actually a neuromyth and the consequences this might have to teachers and learners
I go over some ideas about integrating PBL concepts into your English Lessons
I talk about general principles of brain structure and functioning and some strategies based on the Science of Learning to help us learn-teach more effectively
I cover some of the contributions of psychology to learning (such as behaviorism, humanins, cognitivism, constructivism) and what they mean to teachers and their practice
I go over the science of Mind, Brain, and Education and Project-Based Learning is aligned with it

The Following ones are in Portuguese

I talk about the different levels of analysis of learning and the role of metacognition in education
I discuss educational trends and challenges
I talk about the role of neuroscience in education, some myths and facts
We discuss the idea of methodological ecclecticism, lifelong learning, edtech, and brain sciences as vital parts of CPD
We talk about the difficult moment of teaching remotely and the role of every stakeholder in the school ecosystem

Published by

André Hedlund

André Hedlund is a Chevening Scholar from Brazil, MSc in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol in the UK, and a pedagogical consultant for National Geographic Learning. He has been an EFL teacher for over 15 years and has worked both as an academic coordinator and a CamLa (Cambridge and Michigan Language Assessments) examiner at a Brazilian Binational Center. Currently, he is the president of an ONG called Partners of the Americas Goiás and the representative of the Brazilian TESOL's Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group in the Midwest.

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