Food Vocabulary + THERE TO BE Lesson Plan for CEFR-A2


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I hope you’re having fun with your students in this second week of classes. I’m having fun but I have to admit they are a little uninspired and pretty exhausted. Kids are working too hard these days, aren’t they? Swimming, Judo, computer science, horseback riding, robotics, languages, soccer, dance, courses and more courses. It never ends. It feels like parents want to have future secret agents or superheroes.

Kids need to be able to play and have fun. After all, that’s how they learn. With that in mind, I decided to share this lesson plan I believe worked well. Perhaps you can give it another twist and make it even better. The lesson was about food and a revision of THERE TO BE in the present simple tense. My students are 10-12 years old and they use Oxford’s GOT IT! 1 2nd edition but I’m certain you can adapt it to whatever book you’re using.

The highlights:

1) We talked to a friend from Israel on WhatsApp. She turned on her camera and showed what was in her fridge. My kids were shy at first but they really loved it.

2) I took my groceries with me to the classroom and they were excited to guess what was inside my bag.

3) The brain breaks were fun and helped them consolidate vocabulary.
Summarizing: It worked well and they were more engaged.

Next step: Tell them to do some research on what people eat in different countries.

Give it a try and let me know how it went. I’d love to get some feedback from y’all!

Here’s the link to Hungry Planet, the resource I used for this lesson:

Here’s the link to my lesson plan(I used :

André Hedlund – Planboard Lesson – Aug 7 2017 FRESHMAN

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