National Geographic Learning Conference in Fortaleza – July 25th, Gran Marquise Hotel

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I’m very excited to announce that there will be a second edition of the National Geographic Learning Conference on July 25 at the Gran Marquise Hotel in Fortaleza. The event will feature two speakers: Katherine Stannett, author of the Nat Geo Learning Series Impact, and André Hedlund (me!).

I made a special short video with bits of my talk to get you interested and, perhaps, engaged in asking questions. You can find my video here:

The Neuroscience of behind Learning and Second Language Acquisition: Cognitive Benefits of being Bilingual


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Also, check out the great Webinar delivered by Katherine on the link below:

Making an Impact: Teaching Our Students to Be Global Explorers

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Attend the conference if you’re in the area. It will be great!

If you’re interested in my Neuroscience of Learning and Second Language Acquisition Course, let me know!

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