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EDCrocks is a platform that connects anyone in education with solutions about the learning universe. The objective is to enhance educators’ impact through collaboration, sharing resources, and innovative courses. Here you can find a bit of everything that relates to teaching and learning, particularly NEUROSCIENCE and PSYCHOLOGY applied to language learning, and general education.

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Consulting & Project Design

Need a project for your school? Want to design innovative curricula? Need help with materials? This is what you’re looking for

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Browse through several online courses, workshops, webinars, and interviews to enhance your professional portfolio

Individual & Group Mentoring

If you’re unsure about your career choices or need some guidance to accomplish what you want, become my mentee

About Us

The idea of launching a professional development platform first came in 2012, after working 2 years at Cultura Inglesa in Brazil. I started outlining a comprehensive syllabus for courses, workshops, and lectures and went after the tools I needed to make it a reality. Four years later, Education Development Course (EDCrocks) was born.

This space serves as a hub to connect with professionals all over the world, to reflect on language, and general education trends, as well as theoretical and practical ideas I have developed for nearly two decades of teaching English, training and mentoring teachers, designing curricula and projects, and speaking and writing for major conferences and other platforms


My mission is to empower anyone who deals with education with basic knowledge on how learning happens based on evidence by providing affordable, effective, custom professional development solutions.


My vision is to become a reference in providing high-quality and thought-provoking solutions to enhance educators’ impact on student achievement.

Latest on my blog

An Invitation to Individualism in the Tech Era: What comes next?

“What I witnessed as a mentor was fatigue, mental exhaustion, hopelessness, lack of support, working overtime like never before, apprehension, and frustration. Many teachers fell back on what was safe and simpler. They made slides and lectured. Some simply gave up asking questions as many students would either be absent or not say a word and that became a habit. Suddenly, shared spaces disappeared and became tiny individual squares on a screen. Each person in their own bubble, in their separate world.”

Why Choose EDCrocks?

I’m passionate about teaching and learning. I believe in transformation but I don’t buy the whole-magic-formula buzz. I’m driven, transparent, and future-oriented.

At EDCrocks you’ll benefit from all my experience, my geekiness, and my enthusiasm. I’ve taught English to all levels, held managerial positions at important language centers, and have worked as a consultant, reviewer, and proficiency test examiner. I’ve presented at several national and international conferences, published articles in different journals, and mentored educators working in bilingual education contexts.

A little bit about me

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I’m committed to helping you find your path. Do you want to innovate in the classroom? Do you want a bold project for your school? Do you want to figure out the next move in your career? Do you want to study? Get in touch!

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